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So you wanna be a SWG Dev, eh?

Great! We want to have you on board! The best place to start would be on our Discord channel. That's where the community hangs out and it's the best place to ask questions and become familiar with the platform and with the codebase.

Are you a programmer?

If you want to start right now, feel free to fork our repos and try your hand at restoring something. You can then make a pull request to have your edits merged. We're also willing to give write access to contributers, so please introduce yourself in Discord. We want to meet you!

Not so much with the programming?

That's ok! You should join our Discord too. We can never have too many eyes looking for bugs. Bug reporting is a great way to contribute, and we appreciate them. You can also help with documentation. This website is written with Jekyll on GitHub Pages, which means that you can add a guide simply by adding a markdown file to the repository. Writing a guide is also a great way to learn something more throroughly.

Whatever your skill level, you're welcome in our community. Jump onto Discord and get involved!